RBJ Marketing Solutions is a new age marketing service enterprise, which prides itself on providing effective Marketing solutions to both Corporations and Brands alike.

We call our integrated approach the “Engage Technique” and this comprises a bouquet of practical yet highly effective solutions within the marketing spectrum.

Combined with our versatile expertise in strategy, activation, execution and Project Management we take the utmost care in ensuring our client’s needs are always our top priority.

RBJ Marketing Solutions is 100% Black Owned and Managed by Joan Ramagoshi and Jeff Madibeng.

Unique Service Offering

Our unique service offering is tailored in a way that enables us to facilitate complete interaction between consumers, brands, products and clients so as to ultimately encourage trial and usage.

At RBJ our core value is managing and maintaining our business relationships through meeting our client’s expectations and delivering on what we promise

Effective Marketing solutions to both Corporations & Brands alike.